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Douglas Lima

I have been working in the beauty industry for more than 20 years. When I started in Brazil, I met Prolab for the first time.

After gaining experience in Brazil, I worked as hairdresser for five years in Portugal, before I move to Norway. I became ambassador of Prolab in 2018 when I met them again in a beauty fair in Paris. Since then, I have had a very trustful relationship with the brand,

I have been using their products exclusively in my salon, and Prolab has been aggregating quality into my work for many years. I enjoy being ambassador and introducing a product that I really appreciate and use on my day to day


Daiana Storsveen

Blir kjent med Daiana Storsveen:

Daiana har høy grad i frisørfag og tilbyr fantastiske Fargedesign og Hair Extensions Makeovers hvor hårtransformasjon er alltid en synlig suksess.

For tiden som Fargeekspert i Douglas Lima Hair, Daiana Storsveen er en fokusert og effektiv frisør. Sitt lidenskap innen små eller store fargeprosjekter går til alle hårtyper.

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