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Douglas Lima Hair at Prolab Cosmetics - 2022 BRAZIL-SP




Sao Paulo - Brazil
at ProlabCosmetics

Being a beauty professional requires a lot of personal dedication to creating a style for a client, be it a designer cut, or a change in the hair's structure or colour.
It demands criteria and responsibility, and the process must be well evaluated.
Elements ranging from images as inspiration to broad dialogues with all involved, where active listening techniques are fundamental, in addition to qualitative analysis of the hair strand so that the entire process can be carried out.

And with this previous time dedicated to the client, the most effective and technical choices are made for high-quality results in optimized time.

Working actively as a Beauty Professional since 1999, I am very proud to be an ambassador for Prolab Cosméticos Ltd cosmetic brand.

Ethics, safety and innovation are keys in the development processes of Prolab's products. Prolab Cosméticos prioritizes Hair Quality as the foundation of the brand.
A long-established relationship.

Having a partner brand like Prolab Cosméticos inspired me to become the professional I am today, establishing my authority as a professional in Oslo, where Douglas Lima Hair is located.

The video in this portfolio was a project with the support of many professionals who provided knowledge and methodologies that allowed me to do what I love the most: to make Art!

Many thanks!
Vika Sales - Event consultant photographer.
Plinio Suniga - Videomaker
Sandra Macedo - Make-up Artistic
Ale Sacramento - International tec. educator ProlabCosmetics
Douglas Lima - Ambassador ProlabCosmetics
Jamir da Mata - International tec. educator ProlabCosmetics
Leni - Hairstylist

ProlabCosmetics LTD. and all teams.

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