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Curly Restoration

Curly restoration hair specialist Douglas Lima Hair

  • 2 timer
  • Fra 1 500 norske kroner
  • Douglas Lima Hair


Curly restoration hair specialist Douglas Lima Hair Give your curly restoration the love and care they deserve with our Curly restoration service at Douglas Lima Hair. This appointment is about getting guidance on caring for your curls, whether transitioning to a healthier curl routine or choosing a big shop. The experience includes coaching, washing, specialized hair treatment, styling, and, most importantly, leaving the salon confident. This service takes a minimum of 2.5 hours, and it’s essential to arrive with your hair down, clean, and detangled in its natural curly state.


Avbestillinger vil kun bli akseptert 24 timer før planlagt tid. Avbestillingsgebyret innen 24 timer er 600kr. Beløp som kunden kan trekke fra sin neste avtale innen maksimalt 30 dager fra datoen for avbestilt avtale. Hvis du er i tvil om hvordan du går frem, vennligst kontakt oss: +47 485 08 644 ENG Cancellations will only be accepted 24 hours before your scheduled time. The cancellation fee within 24 hours is 600kr . Amount which the customer can deduct from his next appointment within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of the canceled appointment. If you have any doubts about how to proceed, please contact us: +47 485 08 644


  • Sannergata 32b, Oslo, Noruega


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