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HairBotox treatment is recommended according to the result that the customer wants. from identifying what type of result the client wants, we will recommend which processes to obtain such results


Non-chemical, deep conditioning treatment ending split ends and frizz.

  • 2 t 30 min
  • Fra 1 800 norske kroner
  • Douglas Lima Hair


Standard prices: KR 1800-, to kr 4500-. Hair Botox: Transformative Care for All Hair Types HairBotox is a revolutionary disciplining treatment suitable for all hair types, especially those damaged or prone to frizz. This treatment acts as a hair mass replacement mask formulated to hydrate and significantly reduce hair volume profoundly. Its unique formula is safe for all chemical treatments and enriched with amino acids, silicone, panthenol, macadamia, and chia oil. These ingredients restore the hair's natural beauty, leaving it exceptionally silky and resilient. The treatment guarantees fully repaired hair, endowed with radiant shine and smooth alignment, thanks to the cutting-edge nanofix technology that rebuilds the hair fibre from the inside out. Often referred to as Botox Capilar, this highly sought-after salon treatment falls under the same category as other heat-based procedures. It seals the hair shaft, infusing it with luminosity, reducing frizz, and improving the internal structure. Particularly beneficial for hair weakened by chemical treatments or environmental factors, Botox Capilar enhances the natural allure of the locks without the use of formaldehyde. This therapy combines acid-based, amino acid-based, and protein-based actives to deeply nourish the hair, making it silky, soft, and shiny. While it does not permanently straighten the hair, it significantly improves the health and appearance of the hair. To maintain the impressive results, which can last between 3 to 8 months, a regular hair care routine is recommended. Adapted to the individual conditions of the hair, this personalized treatment promises the most favourable results for each client. IMPORTANT: Achieving lasting results for your hair depends on the quality or price of hair care products and on establishing beneficial routines tailored to your hair type and desired outcomes. Integrating these routines seamlessly into your daily life for optimal hair development is crucial. We aim to blend these routines with practicality to enhance our customers' everyday experiences.


Avbestillinger vil kun bli akseptert 24 timer før planlagt tid. Avbestillingsgebyret innen 24 timer er 600kr. Beløp som kunden kan trekke fra sin neste avtale innen maksimalt 30 dager fra datoen for avbestilt avtale. Hvis du er i tvil om hvordan du går frem, vennligst kontakt oss: +47 485 08 644 ENG Cancellations will only be accepted 24 hours before your scheduled time. The cancellation fee within 24 hours is 600kr . Amount which the customer can deduct from his next appointment within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of the canceled appointment. If you have any doubts about how to proceed, please contact us: +47 485 08 644


  • Sannergata 32b, Oslo, Noruega

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